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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the seasons for Citrus Little League?

A. We have two seasons: A Spring season that runs from February to June. Practices will start in February with Opening day and games will begin March 4, 2022 and a Winter season that runs from September to November.  The winter season is focused on player development and not competition.


Q. How many practices and games will my child have per week during the Spring Season?

A. Prior to the start of games, each team will have 2 practices per week.  Once games begin, typically there will be one practice and 2 games per week (one week day and one weekend). Schedules are subject to change due to field availability.

Q. What can we expect for the Winter Ball season

A. Winter Ball is a less competitive season focused on player development. There are no umpires for games (coaches call balls and strikes from behind their own pitchers) and the schedule is determined by our parent District 71. Games are played between local Little Leagues within Rancho Cucamonga (all of District 71 for the upper divisions). Winter Ball is a great opportunity to move up a division (if applicable) and get a preview of what play will be like in the Spring.

Q. How do I know if I live within the Citrus Little League boundaries?

A. Please see a map of Citrus Little League boundaries.


Q. What if we do not live within the boundaries? Can we still register with Citrus?

A. If you attend a school within our boundaries you may play with Citrus Little League. See the Schools in our League for a current list of schools.

. What is "Little League Age"?

A. Your player’s league age is determined by the Little League Baseball® Age Charts. The Age Determination Date for a Little League Baseball player is the actual age of a child on August 31 of the current year. You can easily determine your player's Little League Age using the Little League Age Calculator.

Q. Which division would my child play in?

A. Division assignments are based on player ability and league age. Citrus Little League encourages parents and guardians to place their player in a division that will challenge them and help them improve over a season. Many players “play up”, meaning that they play in the highest division appropriate for their age (Little League Age).


Q. My son is 8 years-old, can he play in the Minor Division?

A. Players who are 8-12 years-old (Little League Age) should attend one of our Spring tryouts to determine their playing ability to their appropriate division. All 8-year-olds (Little League Age) are welcome to try out. During tryouts, Major/Minor managers will evaluate their skill level for division play.  Any 8-year-old  (Little League Age) not drafted, or who did not try out will be placed on a Rookie team.


Q. What are tryouts?

A. Tryouts are for players 8 yrs. old and above. Tryouts consist of basic skill evaluation of throwing, fielding, and batting skills.


Q. What is Draft Day?

A. This is the day all Minor, Major, Junior and Seniors are chosen by Managers and placed on a team.


Q. What if my child has never played baseball before?

A. Citrus Little League welcomes all levels of experience. We have wonderful coaches that know how to work with all skill levels.


Q. What does the league provide when I register my player? What do I need to purchase for my player?

A. For all divisions, the league provides a jersey and cap. 

Parents/guardians will need to provide: pants, socks, belt, athletic supporter/sliding pants & cup (boys only), cleats, and a glove. (Colors for pants, socks, and belts will be determined at a pre-season meeting with Managers and Team Parents – please make sure to know your teams’ colors before purchasing equipment for the coming season). Helmets are an optional purchase for parents. The league does have some to borrow.

Citrus Little League provides a Yard Sale of used equipment and gear at the beginning of each season, typically during clinics, tryouts and practices. Donations are welcome and availability is based on what is donated.


Q. What Volunteers are needed during the season?

  • Manager - Team Managers are both the head coach and the person responsible for managing all aspects of the team.
  • Assistant Coach - Assistant coach assists the team manager with running practices and games as well as developing players.
  • Team Parent - Team Parents play a vital role every season in ensuring smooth communication and organization between everyone involved. Team Parents:
  • Assist Managers/Coaches communicate with players and parents
  • Call/text parents as needed
  • Plan/organize team events
  • Oversee the team fundraiser/sponsorships
  • Help with communication between players/parents and the league
  • Scorekeeper (Minor - Senior Divisions). The home teams must provide scorekeepers for each game. Scorekeeper training is provided every season.Citrus Little League has an Official Scorekeeper on the Board that is always available to help.
  •  Announcer
  • Volunteer UmpiresField Maintenance

Q. What do I do to get my $60 Snack Bar Volunteer Fee refunded?

A. $60 paid at the time of registration per player but will be refunded upon working a 2 ½ hour snack bar shift during the spring season. Schedules will be posted and given to the Team Parent at the beginning of the spring season.


Q. How old do you need to be to work in the snack bar?

A. Citrus Little League requires workers to be 14+.


Q. What are the team/league fundraisers?

A. Due to Citrus Little League’s efforts to raise funds through our Snack Bar and Sponsorships we do not plan on running a mandatory, league fundraiser for the 2022 Spring Season. Teams are required to secure at least $500 in sponsorships.


Q. Are the Managers/Coaches background checked?

A. Yes, all on field personnel are checked at least once per year. All on field personnel will be required to wear a Citrus LL field pass. We keep a file with their current application and a copy of their driver's license on file.


Q. Where are games played?

A. All games are at Red Hill Park, except for some Rookie and T-ball games held at Golden Oak Park. Red Hill is our home field and we try to keep all of our teams there to experience the sense of community.

Q. What do I do if I have ANY problems with a player, parent, or coach?

A. If you have issues with individuals associated with Citrus Little League,

  • First, notify the Team Parent and/or Manager
  • If not resolved, notify the appropriate Division Vice President
  • If not resolved, notify the League President

Contact information for Division Vice Presidents and the League President can be found on the Board of Directors page.

Q. All Stars?

A. This year Citrus Little League parents/guardians will be required to sign a commitment letter stating that their player will be available for all All-Star practices and tournaments. Practices and tournaments typically start June 1 and run through mid-late July. 

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